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KEIO Corporation Presents JCG STREET FIGHTER 6 CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 SUPER PREMIER JAPAN will be held!

CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024, a worldwide tournament for the latest Street Fighter series, will be held this November. It has been four years since an offline tournament was held in Japan. The event is titled “CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 SUPER PREMIER.” The game, of course, is “Street Fighter 6.”

The schedule is from November 2nd (Sat) to 3rd (Sun), 2024. The top two players will be determined over these two days, and they will earn a spot to compete in the “CAPCOM CUP,” where the world’s strongest player will be decided.

The contenders in the “CAPCOM CUP,” which is simultaneously the most challenging and offers a championship prize of approximately 150 million yen, are limited to just 48 contenders worldwide. The two players out of the 48 contenders will be determined in the “CAPCOM Pro Tour 2024 SUPER PREMIER,” scheduled for this November.

As the tournament name suggests, JCG will be in charge of planning, production, and management in this tournament, with the support of Keio Corporation. Of course, we would also like to mention the support of various well-versed organizations in the fighting game community to ensure that this tournament is the best possible.

As soon as we established this Web page, entries for participants for the tournament started. The number of participants is unfortunately limited due to the capacity of the venue and the time schedule. As indicated on the entry page, the first 2,048 applicants will be accepted to compete in the tournament.

Today, Street Fighter 6 has more players than ever before. The number of people playing the game is overwhelming. And what is also amazing is the number of players who started playing fighting games in Street Fighter 6, in addition to the players who started playing from Street Fighter IV and Street Fighter V.

Fighting games have long been considered a genre with a high barrier to entry due to the perceived poor cost-effectiveness for being a high-skilled player, since the time it requires to achieve its performance. However, this game “Street Fighter 6” has seemingly denied its bias, which achieved popularity towards gamers who had not played fighting games.

This is why we want many players to experience offline fighting game tournaments. If this is your first time participating in an offline tournament, you may want to make this your debut. Its energetic and exciting atmosphere cannot be experienced in online tournaments and live streams.

CPT is open to both professionals and amateurs. Levels and rankings are also irrelevant. We also welcome participants from all over the world.

We look forward to receiving entries from many players.

And let’s make it happen together!

General Producer Masashi Sawatari